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Welcome to New Creation Technologies

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Company

New Creation Technologies that strives to help businesses put together a staff of highly efficient and skilled professionals, and also serve employees by opening up new vistas of job opportunities for them. We take pride in lending our hand in creating the kind of professional environment that would fulfill the mission and vision that enterprises are built upon. What’s more, we are operating in a highly dynamic and diversified global markets. At present, we have our sales appearance in major cities of India like Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai. Mumbai, Pune etc.

About Our Company

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New Creation Technologies is one of the recruitments, staffing and executive search companies. We operate through a network of our teams, with specialists in recruitment for different industries. Our recruitment company is everywhere you need us.

At the point when you cooperate with us for your manpower requirements, you benefit from establishing best practices in staffing and managerial recruitment leading to enhanced outcomes such as access to rich talent pools, closure of positions within short time frames, seamless recruitment process management, and optimized recruitment cost savings.

Services We Provide

IT Staffing, RPO, IT Services / Solutions


  • New Creation Technologies recognizes the advantage that dedicated resource model holds out for the hiring process. We have chosen to embrace it because we have the dedicated resources it requires.
  • Our team holds the experience to work on your behalf in a dedicated mode of engagement, keeping all your organizational objectives and requirements in view. They have amassed considerable knowledge by closely following industry pattern over time.
  • Powered by comprehensive knowledge of key performance indicators and expertise in handling all the administrative processes, we shall prove to be a veritable extension of your business indeed.
  • It is quite flexible, allowing you to hire professionals based on your project requirements.
  • You are provided complete flexibility as you can hire as per your project based needs.

Highlights Of Dedicated Resource Model

  • Increased transparency, efficient communication and uncompromising security.
  • Timely delivery of service.
  • Reduction of cost and assurance of quality.
  • Regular monitoring of activities.
  • Clients having control over the hiring process and access to a team of experts. who excel at sourcing best talents in their respective fields.
  • Consistent and quicker turnaround time.
  • A glance at the benefits.
  • Improvement in quality of processes and resources.
New Creation Technologies

Our Mission

Our main goal is to enhance your recruitment experience, assisting you with getting the best-fit experts in terms of experience, abilities, capabilities, industry exposure, workplace culture, and philosophy. Find out how we can make recruitment seamless, cost-effective, hassle-free, and Lean! We are ready to serve you at all times!

01Sourcing the Best

At NCT, your Dream job is yours.

Recruitment Model

Engage With Service Models For Enhancing Business Processes

New creation Technologies boasts a set of different recruitment processes that provide perfect answer to your needs. Supported by effectively planned payroll processes, it helps you maximize your business functions and output through quality resources.

We understand that every company has a different hiring process and specific sets of skills. That’s why we offer solutions tailored to your needs. We set premium on timely delivery and quality.

Service Models

We understand that every company has a different hiring process and candidate needs. That’s why we offer customized, solutions oriented recruitment process outsourcing models that meet every unique requirement.

Our recruiters team is focused on effectiveness, fast solutions and increased business outcomes


  • Access to partners locally who are reliable.
  • Reduction of risks in setting up the business in a foreign nation.
  • Reduction of time in setting up a viable concern of repute.
  • Swift handling of services with expertise.
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